Why the Juventus players are dressing up as pirates

The Juventus squad is wearing pirate-themed suits and dresses, and the players are dressed in costume.

They’re all dressed in costumes from the latest season of the hit television series “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

On Wednesday, they dressed up as the infamous “Pirate King”, the pirate captain of the infamous pirate crew, The Black Pearl.

The team’s director of sports and sport, Sergio Bartra, is also a fan of the series.

“I think the best way to look at it is as a film and the best thing about the Pirates is that they’re a very complex story,” Bartra told L’Equipe.

“You need to look into all the different layers of their lives and understand their whole personalities, their whole world.

You need the history of the world to understand the personalities and the personalities of these characters.”

The team is also wearing pirate boots and pirate shirts.

“We have been working with this outfit and we have to wear it for the whole season,” Bartram said.

“It is not only a costume but it is a part of the costume, it is part of our everyday life.

I think the players want to be part of this story.”

The Black Pearl is the second series of the Pirates franchise after the third, and has been on the air since 2002.

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