Why some home decor products are just plain weird, according to a new study

The world of home decor is full of weird ideas and designs, but one product that is almost universally bizarre is the skeleton house.

The idea is that you decorate a house to make it look like a living, breathing creature that sits inside.

This type of design has become so popular, in fact, that it’s now a popular trend.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Consumer Research, about 40 percent of American homes are now decorated with a skeleton house, a term that refers to a home that is filled with skeletons.

The researchers found that the average household size in the United States is roughly four people, and that half of them are home owners who have bought the items as a gift or have had their home remodeled to make the house look more like a home.

This design has been popular for years, but now, the researchers found, it’s become a trend among young people, as well.

In the study, the authors found that around half of Americans who participated in a survey said they had bought a skeleton home.

It wasn’t just young people who were buying the items.

The study also found that half the respondents said they’d bought a replica of a house that looked more like their own home, compared to just 18 percent who said they hadn’t.

The research team said that the “ghost house” phenomenon is not a new one, but it is growing in popularity and that people are beginning to get a little bored with their current house decor.

According the study’s lead author, Michael C. Miller, a research professor at the University of Michigan’s Kellogg School of Management, there is a lot of demand for these types of products among young adults.

Miller said that in a previous study, he and his colleagues found that people were more likely to buy a skeleton than a traditional home in the next year after they bought it.

Miller also said that this type of home decoration is very popular among young women.

He told Recode that there’s an opportunity for these products to grow and become more popular as more people are looking for a new way to decorate their homes.

This study isn’t the first to show that this trend is popular among people under 30.

In 2014, a study by the University at Buffalo found that one in three college students had bought one of these types a year after buying it.

The team found that while there’s still a lot to be learned about the popularity of the product among young consumers, it has been around for quite some time.

The most popular brands include Tarte and Sally Beauty.

There’s also a trend of DIY decorating with traditional furniture and other household items, like Christmas lights and candles.

In fact, a number of traditional house designs are being popularized by young people as a way to make them feel more like an authentic home.

The trends Miller and his team have discovered have led to a lot more research and experimentation with different kinds of home decorations.

They are also seeing that a lot people like the idea of having a skeleton, Miller said.

Miller says that he believes the trend of skeletons in house design is due to the “sketchy” aesthetic of the modern home.

According a 2016 study by Nielsen, the average home in America is home to around 3,000 skeletons.

While that number is actually higher than previous estimates, it still doesn’t fully explain why people love skeletons.

“There are a lot theories out there on why people are so into skeletons, but I think the thing is the people who are into skeletons really love the skeuomorphism of it,” Miller said, adding that there is also a psychological element to the trend.

People can feel like they’re being watched by a skeleton inside their home, Miller told Rec, adding, “If you feel like your life is watched, that’s a good thing.”

In this particular study, they also found some positive correlation between how much people liked the house and the number of people who bought it as a holiday gift.

Miller’s team also said it’s not necessarily the products themselves that people love.

It’s the way the home is decorated.

According Miller, it comes down to what people are searching for.

“We are not trying to sell people anything, we’re trying to make people feel connected,” Miller told us.

“What they want is the feeling of being connected, but they don’t want to be forced into a certain direction.”

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