Which is the best airplane house decoration?

Posted February 12, 2019 07:20:59The best airplane home decor in 2018 is the Monogram House, a one-of-a-kind home that features a red, gold, and purple monogram on the front door and a blue and white monogram across the rest of the house.

In addition, the Monograms house is painted to look like a real-life monogram.

“I really like the idea of the Monogs because it’s something you can go out and decorate,” Monogram owner J.R. Scott told Ars Technic.

“You can’t do a house that’s just a flat white or red and have no monogram, because there’s always going to be some people that want to see a different message on their home.”

The house also includes a “monogram” on the inside door and the outside door.

The monogram is made up of a set of letters that represent the names of the original owners.

“The first letter is ‘A,’ and then there’s a bunch of letters with different numbers in between the letters,” Scott explained.

“Then there’s two more letters that say ‘P,’ and they’re just dots that say the letters that are in between.

And then, lastly, there’s an extra dot that’s actually a circle that is painted in gold on the outside of the front.”

A red, white, and blue monogram decorates the front of the home.

J. R. Scott’s Monogram house.

The Monogram houses in New York City and Miami have a lot of collectors who are going to take home some of these beautiful pieces.

They’re often priced at more than $5,000.

In fact, the prices for these amazing pieces have been so high that some are now available on eBay.

“It’s really hard to find these pieces,” Scott said.

“Because of the demand, there is so much demand.”

He says that a lot more people have come to see the house than he expected, and the house is in the process of being sold.

“There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t know if people are going [to be able to see it] until we get it back up on the market,” he said.

But he says that he has some ideas about what he might want to do with the Monoges.

“Maybe if we could get them all painted, we could do some sort of a special thing with it,” he added.

“We’d probably have a custom one-off [to do], or a one that was something like this, where we’d paint the house and then go through a process that we’d call a restoration.”

In addition to the Monos, Scott’s house has a black-and-white, one-piece, custom Monogram on top of a white monochrome home.

The custom Monogues have a red monogram painted on the door and on the window.

Scott and his wife, Michelle, decided to put a black one on top, because “there are a lot fewer people that have this type of style, and we didn’t want to change it up too much,” he explained.

He added that the Monopols will be sold at auction, but that they’re currently in a storage room in their home, so they can’t sell them.

The only thing the home is going for at the moment is a “diamond” diamond ring, but Scott plans to paint the Monocs to match the other pieces in their collection.

“At this point, I think that it’s pretty cool, because it represents what we like about New York, the rich, rich heritage of New York,” Scott added.

[Photos: J. Ralph Scott, The Monogos, and The Monograms]

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