When the windhoeks die: Windhoek, a house from the future

The windhoeking house is the most interesting thing in my house right now, because it is the house that is going to be the most complicated.

I love windhoeks because they’re so unique, because they’ve always been the only house that you can imagine being a part of that style.

The wind-hoek house is a little bit like a miniaturized version of the modernist classic cottage, but instead of a house, it’s an enclosed space with its own roof.

It’s a perfect example of the sort of thing I want to make my home into.

The windhoeker was built by architect and designer, Hilde Bergmann, in the 1950s in the beautiful town of Halle in northern Germany.

It was designed by her son and later by her daughter, Hans-Peter. 

The house itself is made up of three main sections, a large open-plan living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

The large open plan living room is the centerpiece of the house, where the furniture and the light fixtures hang from the ceiling.

It is located in a small courtyard and is surrounded by a large, open-top garden, a pond and a tree.

I was really excited to see the finished house because it’s the sort that you just can’t put your foot down and put in a plan.

It takes so much planning to get a windhoke home built, and it takes a lot of planning to design a wind hoek.

I think it’s because it looks so cool and it feels so unique.

For those who are familiar with the wind-hohoeker style, the house’s name is a play on the words “Windhoek” and “hohoek.”

I think that’s why it has a special meaning for me, because the word “hhoek,” which literally means “a windhoever,” is the word that describes what the house is.

I can’t really describe it in words.

It just has so many meanings.

I like to think of it as a kind of metaphor for me.

It’s not really a traditional house because the living space is quite small.

But it’s a very traditional home, which I’m sure will make the living room feel very cozy and like home.

In the past few years, Hildegam has been working on other houses, including one that she has designed for the Halle Museum in her native Germany, which will be the first one to be built in a wind-home style.

I am very happy that the house has become a real reality.

I would have loved to have it built in this style because it was such a beautiful piece of architecture.

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