When the Oriental House Door Wasn’t Enough: A History of the Oriental Floor

The Oriental House door wasn’t the only one that came with a caveat.

It was also the first door in the house that didn’t have a latch or handle, and it was the only door that required a key to open.

The key to this door was a keychain, which was only given to the house master and not the maids.

The maids weren’t allowed to have the key, so they wore a keyring with their skirts on.

The Oriental House was the first home in New Orleans to be designed by the same architect who designed the first hotel in the city. 

“The Oriental is the story of one house,” the house was named.

One of the hallmarks of the house is the door that sits directly in front of the master bedroom.

“This door was originally made to open a corridor in the middle of the garden,” the House’s architect, J.H. Pritchard, said.

“When you look at the wall behind it, the door was once used for a window.

The door opens out into a large room, and the door itself is an extension of the floor.” 

In 1855, the house became a tourist attraction. 

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In the early 1900s, the Oriental Hotel moved to the corner of the street from the Hotel Oriental and reopened in 1902.

After the Civil War, the hotel became a popular tourist attraction and a location for movies, which were filmed in the Oriental.

During World War II, the Hotel was converted into the World War I Museum.

The Oriental Hotel and Oriental Room was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1945.

Pritchard was also responsible for the design of the Great Depression-era Hotel New Orleans.

This post originally appeared on The Modern American Man.

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