When a sunflower house is too big for a closet

A black-and-white-painted sunflower home in a quiet neighborhood has become a magnet for local families eager to show off their own style.

The decor comes with a bit of an asterisk: it’s a DIY project for a group of people with limited time and money.

A small amount of money is required to paint it.

The sunflower decor is part of a new trend in the Washington area of making something from scratch, and one that has the added benefit of creating a unique home in one of the country’s most diverse neighborhoods.

It’s also a reminder that even the most basic of projects can turn into something more, said Lauren Sutter, a home decor blogger at WAMU-TV in Portland, Oregon.

Sutter said her family recently painted a home in an industrial area of Portland called the Triangle, where the average home price is $200,000.

Sutters’ home has been on the market since January, but it was originally supposed to be complete before the end of the year.

It took four months to complete, and it cost $1,000 more than expected.

That’s because it was a home-improvement project, which means a few small details like the wallpaper and flooring have to be purchased.

That makes it a lot more expensive to get finished than if it was just a house, Sutter said.

That’s where the DIY sunflower project comes in.

The family had a couple friends who had previously worked on similar projects, and they asked them to help paint the house for them.

Suttters said she got a little bit of help from the friends, and then she was able to get the job done.

She painted the walls, the ceiling, and the front of the house in the colors of the sunflower, and a little black and white pattern on the wall.

Sutter added a few pieces of colored vinyl to the ceiling.

She also had a bit more fun, like the little “Sunflower” sign that hangs in the living room.

The finished product is a beautiful home, but a bit pricey, Suttters added.

The price tag will likely increase, she said, because she’s hoping to paint more of it.

Sutton said the home’s decor is not something she would recommend for a family of four, but for two, her husband and daughter-in-law, she added, it’s just another project they could do.

She said the family was able with a little more help from her friends to make the project happen.

I thought I’d share my experience and experience as an independent home decorator with you.

I was fortunate enough to be able to help my friends and family paint their own home.

That experience has inspired me to help other independent artists create beautiful home decor.

Sutters said she’s also inspired by other people’s success.

I want to inspire people to do it as well.

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