What you should know about the ‘aquarium-shaped house decoration’

A new art piece that took the shape of a miniature aquarium has captivated New Yorkers and locals alike.

It’s called “The Aquarium House” and it was created by artist and educator Laura Hagen.

The Aquaria House was created to promote the idea of ‘the beautiful home and not the big, beautiful home.’

Hagen said the idea came from her own childhood experiences in a smaller, simpler home.

She said she wanted to create a piece that would be both playful and welcoming, so that when people came to visit, they could find something they were excited about.

Hagen hopes the piece will be an attraction at her upcoming summer art festival, the Art of Love in the Bronx.

The art piece is also part of the annual Art of Homes series, which was curated by the Bronx Art Museum and runs through September.

The house, which sits in the New York City borough of Queens, was designed by Hagen, whose father was a veterinarian, and her mother.

It features a white marble base with two blue and two green-colored stones.

It has a blue and a green border that runs along the side of the home.

A large glass case is surrounded by white tiles and is decorated with a variety of flowers.

Hannah, a participant in the Art Of Homes series told New York magazine that the piece was a real-life experience for her.

She told the magazine:I’m so happy I found this work because it made me feel a bit of an outcast.

And I found it so beautiful that I wanted to take it home with me.

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