What to expect in 2018

What to Expect in 2018 is our first year as Polygon’s home design hub, and we’ve put together some of our favorite projects for 2018.

So without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to this year:We’re excited to welcome you to the first installment of our “What to Expect” series, and our inaugural edition is an update to our favorite boat house decorations.

In 2018, we’re launching our new boat house decor guide, a collection of the best boat house designs for each of the major design trends: boat house architecture, boat house furnishings, boathouse decor, boat-themed design, and boat house furniture.

We’ve got a ton of great ideas for boat house decoration ideas, and each of our boat house design guides will feature at least one idea from each of these styles.

Our guides will offer tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your boat house, and you’ll also get to see a few examples of the latest boat house fashion trends.

If you’re looking to add a new element to your home, you’re in luck!

You can find more inspiration from other designers and DIYers at our boat-inspired DIY page.

The boat house inspiration we’re sharing here comes from the work of award-winning designer Matti Sauer.

In addition to his design work, Matti is a long-time boat house aficionado and enthusiast.

You can follow him on Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest , and Twitter for all of his boat house related work.

In 2018, Mattie will be creating the new boat-styled boat house on her site, which she describes as “a collection of original boat house ideas from around the world.”

It’s a very diverse collection of designs, including a full-length boat house and a mini boat house in addition to other ideas.

If that doesn’t convince you to dive into a boat house today, the boat house concept has been around for a long time, so you know that it’s not going anywhere.

If you’re interested in a boat-based project, you can see more of the inspiration from boats and design at Matti’s Boat House Project.

Here’s a look at a few other projects that have been announced, including the new mini boathouse we recently launched at Polygon, the updated boat house we’re going to be launching in 2017, and a brand new boat building studio we’ve just started up.

And as always, if you want to see more boat house-inspired design, you should check out our blog at Polygons boat house blog for more ideas and photos from around our oceans.

Here are some more boathouse-inspired designs that are currently available for preorder:We’ve also got some amazing ideas for boats in the works.

In 2017, we launched the new Serenity Boat House, which is designed to bring the fun of sailing back to the water.

In 2020, we unveiled the new Boat House of the Month Award, which recognizes the best new design on the boat market.

And in 2021, we introduced the new Tandem Boat House.

In the meantime, check out the awesome boats and designs that were revealed at our Boat House Showcase in 2018.

We’re also excited to introduce a new design for our 2018 Summer Sailor Series, and it’s a boat designed for all ages and abilities.

The latest boat-related designs we’re excited about are a few that are already available for sale.

This year, we announced that the new Sailor Boat House is going to come with a fully functional paddle boat and sails.

The new Sailors Sailor boat is a great way to enjoy the water without being tied down by the traditional boat.

The Sailors will be launching their boat in 2018 and we’ll have more details about the boat and sail available soon.

And if you’re a sailor, you’ll be able to experience this unique design on one of the largest sailboats in the world.

We’re also working on a new sail for our boat, which we’ll share more information about soon.

If the Sailors are launching in 2019, we’ll also have more information to share about this exciting new boat.

And for now, check back on Polygon for more information on our new Sailboat Series and more boat design inspiration from around Polygon.

In 2017, the design of our new Sailingboat Series was announced, and there’s plenty to look forward to.

The Sailing boat will be launched in 2019 and will be a complete redesign of the current Sailing Series sailboat.

We’ve also launched our first design of a custom sail for the boat.

A custom sail can be as simple as a couple of wood screws and some screws and nails, or as elaborate as custom sails made with custom materials.

This new sail will be available for purchase in 2019.

In 2019, the new sail is being developed for the new “Sailing Series” boat, and

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