What a difference a year makes for the decor industry

This year, the house decor industry has witnessed a seismic shift from the first year to the second year of the Trump administration, as well as a resurgence in interest in vintage house decor.

That surge has been driven in large part by the election of President Donald Trump.

The revival of interest in retro-styled house decor is also driven by a slew of new trends in the craft and the rise of online retail.

Newly minted designer Rachel Kallberg has transformed her home into a modern, sophisticated space that includes the addition of vintage pieces.

A new generation of designers is helping to redefine the way people decorate their homes.

“I feel like a lot of designers are trying to make an impact, to say, ‘We’re not just looking for the right piece to decorate, but we’re going to look for the kind of style that people can relate to,'” Kalleng says.

For Kallerg, the goal is to make a new kind of home feel like an old one.

Her collection, titled The Bazaar, features over 300 pieces inspired by the American Midwest and beyond, including the “modern chic” house designs that have become a staple of Americana.

The home also includes items that she believes are uniquely American, including a vintage sofa, a vintage wall clock, a custom fireplace and a vintage chair.

Kallberg is also collaborating with other designers and designers of other eras, like fashion designer Stephanie Coontz, who designed the furniture for the Bazaar.

The Bazaar is on display through January 28 at The Center for Art, Design and Designers, a New York City museum.

It is an effort to expand on Kallers design, and she hopes to create a larger collection for the Smithsonian.

More: The Smithsonian Institution will host a one-day exhibition on Friday, January 21, where visitors will see more than 50 vintage house designs from around the world.

The exhibition will include an interactive exhibit about the history of house design, including photos, video, illustrations, and videos.

 “I want people to see this as a new way of thinking about the American home, a way of making the most of this place and of how we live here,” Kallenberg says.

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