The Tiki House at Disney World Resort has some unique decor elements and is also a great place to relax and unwind

The wooden house at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida has some new details to share with the world.

The wood decor is a welcome addition to the house, but also a little bit of a challenge for those who want to spend more time there, according to the woodworker behind the project.

In addition to having wooden walls, the house also features two different colored walls, a white and a gray, according the Woodworker.

There is also some reflective paint on the front of the house.

The two white and gray walls are made of a durable polyurethane material and are covered in a white fabric that is made from recycled paper.

The gray wall is made out of recycled paper and is made of wood and plastic.

The white and black walls are also made out on the same material, but with different colors.

The interior of the wooden house is a great location to relax or unwind.

The house is surrounded by natural light and is covered with wooden trim.

It is decorated with some traditional tiki decorations.

There are also some large windows on the house that let in natural light, which are also used to show off the interior.

The woodwork is made by an experienced woodworker, who is also an expert in tiki decor.

While it is not a traditional decor, the design of the interior of this house is unique and beautiful.

The owner of the Tiki house told Business Insider that it was not possible to create a similar style of house anywhere else in the world, even though they are from the same company.

The wooden house will be open to guests from January to March 2018.

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