The rustic cottage in Burlington, Vermont

The rustical cottage in Vermont was once the home of a man named John Dyer, who made his fortune in the mining industry.

Now, in an attempt to preserve some of his fortune, the family owns the home.

The family’s main goal is to preserve as much of the Dyers history as possible.

“The main goal of the house is to bring the original Dyers house to the people of Burlington,” said David Dyer.

“We want the Dyer family to have the same kind of history as John Dyers family.”

A home of rustic charm and charmThe Dyers home was originally built in 1868, and it was owned by the Dykes for nearly 60 years.

But after Dyer’s death in 1918, his son, George, took over the house.

He built a cottage, a home of sorts, on top of his father’s former land.

Dyer had a reputation for being a hard-working man who enjoyed hunting and fishing.

And his family was known for having a good time at home.

So when George Dyer died in 1927, he sold his property to the Dysers and they turned the house over to the family.

Now it’s a place of rusticity and charm.

The home was once home to John Dyser, but his family is using the Dymes as a showcase of their history.

Dyers is using some of the original materials that were made in the 1868 mining town of Litchfield, Vermont.

“I think the best part about it is we’re bringing the original home back to the community and showing what it’s all about,” said Dyer of the old mining town.

“It’s the story of the American Dream.

And to bring it back to people is so important.”

The Dyers have used the original house for the past several years as they have renovated the house and renovated some of its furnishings.

The decor inside the house has been updated several times over the years.

Dyserkins original home, built in the 1800s, is decorated with many items from the 1867-1874 mining boom.

The Dysyers have restored a few pieces of furniture, but they are primarily using the original flooring and walls of the home to decorate their home.

This is the original carpet and flooring of the 1800-1868 mining cottage.

A few items that are still used in the house are a wall clock and a coffee table.

“People love to take the old stuff and do the little bits and pieces that they can,” said the Dynars.

The rustics rustic home is a favorite of many residents, including their neighbors.

The new owners say that many people are coming to visit the home because of its rustic appeal.

“A lot of people are surprised that the house can be so well-kept,” said Sarah Dyer with the Dymers.

“They’ve got this kind of old, rustic feel to it, but we have an old-fashioned look, too.”

The rusticity of the cottage has become a favorite topic of conversation among locals.

“Some of the people have said that it’s like living in the 1920s,” said Emily Dyer from the local Chamber of Commerce.

“You just go in there and you’re in a little rustic-chic cottage, and that’s just what people want.”

The new owner of the family’s home, who is a retired construction worker, said that the rustic style is what keeps him going.

“When you have a home like this, you want to have some of that rustic, antique, old-world feel,” said John Dyker.

“That’s why I love the house.”

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