The most ridiculous house decoration

A new house decoration has taken the internet by storm. 

The decor was so ridiculous, it has even made a Reddit thread about it.

The new house decor on a Melbourne home has a wall made of glass.

The glass has been poured over the existing floor, making the home look like it’s made of gold.

The decor has gone viral, and the response has been overwhelming. 

Here are some of the comments:”My house was made out of glass, it’s ridiculous.”

“My daughter and I are so happy to be home, it is so funny.

My family is so excited and so proud to be a part of it.””

It was a very fun project, I wish we could make it in the future.””

I’ve had the best time decorating the house and I hope I never have to make something this silly again.””

Oh god, my house is made of magic!””

It’s not just a house decoration, it really is.

It’s a magical experience.””

We love the whole house, I love the fact that I can see our grandkids, I can even see the stars through the glass!””

I love it!””

Wow, that is amazing, I think my house has magic inside!””

My son loves it!

He thinks it’s a house!””

We made a magical house and we love it!

My daughter and me love it too!””

This is so amazing!

We are so proud!””

Oh my god, this is so cute.

I’m so happy we did it.”

The design of the house has attracted over 2,000 comments and the house’s owner has been overwhelmed by the reaction.

“It is so good to be able to do something for our family, and my house, and I think the whole family loves it,” he said.

“My family and I were just thinking, we love the house, we want to make it better and better and I know my kids love it as well.

I know we will make it.”

If you would like to know more about the design, check out the house on Facebook.

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