The Lad’s Fish House: A Tale of Fish and Fish Soup

This is a story about fish.

This story is a tale of fish.

It’s a story of fish that is not fish.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen that phrase.

What I know is that there’s a fish house in my life that is a metaphor for fish.

The Lad Fish House is a place where fish and fish soup are a staple of my life.

The fish house has been around for a long time.

The original incarnation of the Lad Fish house was in the 1960s.

In the 1950s and ’60s, Lad fish house owners and others were trying to create a fishhouse that was comfortable for a fish.

Lad Fish Houses were meant to be comfortable, inviting and welcoming.

They were meant for fish lovers.

The kitchen was designed for the comfort of a fish and to be as well insulated as possible from the elements.

They had air conditioning in the winter.

The place was designed with a natural light source and a central fireplace.

It was all designed to create the kind of cozy home where people would relax, have fun and share their favorite fish, which were all kept alive by a few specially made fish, called “dumplings.”

When the fish were in the water, they were kept alive in the sink.

There were no mirrors, so they would only see their reflection in the mirror and if they didn’t see their own reflection, they would be sure that the fish was alive.

The idea was that the water and the fish would keep the fish from dying.

The only way to keep the water safe was to provide water to the fish, so the water temperature was kept high.

The water was kept so warm that even the fish in the fish house were not exposed to the sun.

When the water was warm enough, they could live in the house.

They could go out to the lake or fish pond or fish beach.

The family of Lad fish houses were not very large and they were not really popular in the early ’70s.

They did not have much in the way of an aquarium.

The most popular aquarium was a wooden aquarium that was placed in the basement.

The pool was very small and the tank was filled with fish.

A large fish was kept in the tank, and the owner kept his fish in a small wooden box in the corner of the room.

The box was very narrow, so it was impossible to see into the fishhouse.

The first Lad Fishhouse owner, who died in 1975, was named Jack Smith.

He was an avid fish lover who had a great interest in fish.

He built the Lad fishhouse with a combination of wood and steel.

He also had a large aquarium that he kept the fish and other fish.

One of the first Lad fishhouses was constructed in the 1950’s.

It is called the “Poodle.”

This Lad fishroom is a modern design with a glass wall, a fireplace, a sink, an aquarium, a window, a fish tank, a pool, a sauna and an electric heater.

It has a full kitchen, bathroom and living room.

There is a fireplace and a glass panel on the window overlooking the pool.

There are two doors, one is the main entrance and the other is the fish room.

On the outside of the fishroom, there is a sign that says “Fish House, Lad.”

Inside the fishrooms are separate rooms for the fish.

On one side of the house is a large, large fish tank.

The other side is a smaller fish tank and a small one.

The large fish tanks are very large.

The small tanks are smaller and have a small fish and a few small fish.

There was no privacy for the little fish in either of the small fish tanks.

There isn’t a pool in either tank.

There’s a large window in the middle of the pool where the fish can get a good view of the water.

It would have been nice to have a larger window in one of the smaller fish tanks because the fish there don’t look very fishy.

They don’t appear to have any fish.

They appear to be mostly shrimp, crabs and other invertebrates.

The tank has an electric grill.

The grill has a very large fish, a lobster, and a fish named “Llama.”

The fish is in the aquarium.

When Jack Smith built his Lad FishHouse, he was a fisherman.

He loved fishing, he loved to fish, and he loved the idea of having his own fishhouse and having the family in the community come and fish with him.

I grew up in a family that lived on a lake in South Dakota.

We always loved fish and fishing.

The way we used to go fishing was to bring a small boat with us and we would get to the water in about a half hour.

It didn’t matter what type of fish we brought in the boat.

We would get our fish and we were very good at it.

It wasn’t that we couldn’t get a fish,

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