The Best of 2018: The Top 10 Trump Tweets That Changed the World

Now, after nearly five years of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, it is hard to look at the American president’s tweets and not see the most iconic of them all: “I am so glad that we won the election!”

In a December 2016 tweet, Obama was referring to the historic election, which had just taken place in November 2016.

In January 2017, Obama tweeted, “We’re done with the election, folks.

It’s time to move on.”

And on January 6, 2017, he tweeted, in reference to a tweet he had made just a few days before: “As a proud American, I would be mortified to be the president of a country that discriminates against people of color.”

The tweet, and others like it, helped lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Since then, the president has repeatedly criticized the lawless and authoritarian foreign policy of the Republican president, and has repeatedly suggested that he was not the best president for the country.

“I have been a leader for years now, and I will be for many more,” Obama tweeted in January 2017.

“This was not my best year.”

Trump has also tweeted that he did “not win the election.”

“I was never going to win the presidency, but I am the least racist person ever to seek the office,” he tweeted in May.

“If I had won, we would be having this debate all over again.”

In June, Trump retweeted a post by a conservative media outlet that criticized him for his inability to get votes from the Latino community.

The post, titled, “Obama: You’re the worst president EVER.

And if you win, you’re the president,” claimed that the president had failed to attract Latino voters.

Trump then tweeted a message to the people of the United States.

“Trump is a disgrace to the Republican Party and the United State.

You won’t see me doing anything wrong, but you won’t believe what’s happening with the Democrats.

It won’t be pretty.

I’m not going to say anything about it, but we’ll have to talk,” he wrote.

“A man who thinks he can get away with lying about his election loss, is a man who will not be denied the presidency.”

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