The best houses in Australia

New Scientist – 8th March 2018 – 4:54:30The list of houses to be put up for sale in Australia, and how much they will cost, is in the hands of the Australian Real Estate Association (ARA).

The ARA has released a list of the most expensive houses in the country.

The list is based on data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) from October to March.

In terms of price, there are five house categories, and the list is a breakdown of how much the average house in each category is worth.

Here’s how they stack up:In the first category, the most affordable house is the one in the heart of Sydney, Sydney Point.

There is also a one-bedroom in the suburb of Cairns, near Sydney Airport, that has a market value of $2.8 million.

Another house on the list, a one bedroom, one bath house in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, is the most desirable.

It has a value of about $3.8m.

Then there are the five most expensive homes in Brisbane, which includes one of the top-end luxury properties in the city, the Balmain Mansion, worth $9.7m.

It also includes one-bedrooms, two-beds and three-bed houses in Wollongong and the Brisbane suburb of Wentworth, which have a combined market value around $5.9m.

But there is one house on this list that has been sitting for a decade, which is the two-bedroom house at the corner of Campbell Street and Sydney Road in South Brisbane, the former home of former NSW premier Bob Carr.

According to the ARA, it has a listed value of around $9 million.

In the second category, there is a house that is listed for sale for $6.4m in the Brisbane suburbs of South Brisbane and North Brisbane.

Its a three-bedroom home, one of which has a street value of just under $3m.

In this category, we see four houses that are worth over $10m, and two that are over $12m.

The third category, known as the “unfairly priced” houses, includes three houses in Queensland that have a market price of just over $6m.

And there are a couple of houses that have been listed for less than $2 million, in Victoria’s Central Coast.

So there are many, many more than are on the AVA’s list.

And the fourth category, which I will call the “market value” houses that go for a reasonable price, is where it gets tricky.

The average house on each of these lists, according to the ARA, is worth between $9m and $11m.

So that is a lot of money to pay for.

But what about the other two categories?

Well, they are the “fairly valued” houses.

That is the house that has an average market price that is just over twice the median household income.

But, of course, the average home in Australia is not the average household income, it is the average number of bedrooms in a house.

So, the number of people living in a particular house is not always the average income.

For example, a $100,000 house in Sydney’s CBD would not be worth more than $100k if it were all full of people.

A $100m house in Melbourne’s CBD might be worth $100M, if it is all full.

But, if you have just one person living in it, then it is very close to the median income in Australia.

This is not to say that the average person living on that $100K house would not earn an income from that property.

However, that $1.2m median household price would be much higher if all of the people were earning $1m.

For that reason, the ABA says that the house with the least market value is the cheapest, if that house is in a city.

Of course, this is not a perfect measure, and there are houses that would have higher market values in a rural area.

Nevertheless, the real issue is that the median price of houses in most areas of the country are far lower than the median incomes.

When you compare the median house prices to the average market prices of houses, it shows that the market value houses are far less expensive than the houses with the most market value.

One final note on the price of house in AustraliaThe average price of a house in Australian capital cities is around $500,000, according the ASX-listed Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA).

In Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, the median prices are around $400,000 and $400K, respectively.

In Melbourne, the prices are $450,000 to $500K, and in Brisbane $375,000-$500,00, respectively, according REIA

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