Inside ‘the house of decor’ where house decor is king

On a recent visit to the home of designer, builder, and author Marissa Mazzuca, I was intrigued to discover how her home, the “House of Decor,” was built.

 As I walked in the door, I noticed the ceiling was a dark red with a red accent paint.

She was also decorating it in a way that looked a bit more modern.

The interior was mostly white, but she had painted it in dark red and black, along with white walls, with bright white flooring.

A large, flat-screen TV sat in the corner of the living room.

I also noticed the kitchen was in an open, sliding glass door.

Her main kitchen features a small sink and a stove in the center of the space.

Inside the kitchen, Mazzauca has an elaborate, two-level dining area that she has also decorated with a light-filled wall.

On the walls and ceiling, she has decorated a wall with a large red rectangle with a white, light blue and gold circle, and a dark blue rectangle.

In the corner, there is a small, circular, white-and-gold rectangle with two white and gold circles.

Mazzuca has an intricate, two level, floor-to-ceiling white-carpet carpeting that has been painted over and over again, as if she were painting her home in real life.

There are three rooms in the house.

First, there are the bedrooms, which Mazzua says she created from scratch and decorated with her own home décor.

It features a large, dark green bed with a pillow over it and a small cot under it, along to the side of the bed, a large window, and two large curtains.

Next to that, there’s a second bedroom, which is adorned with a small couch and a bedspread.

“The bedspread is actually the one I like,” Mazzca told me.

Then there’s the master bedroom, where Mazzcca’s husband, Michael, lives with their two children, and another bedroom in the same house.

“I am really proud of the fact that she chose to build these bedrooms in a simple way,” Michael Mazzacu said.

“It’s very simple, but it works.

I think she’s very proud of that.”

The second bedroom was also a little bit of a work in progress.

When I asked Mazzu what inspired her to do this, she told me it was because she wanted a space that was intimate and personal, and she wanted to create an area that was accessible for all.

“My husband and I were both in school and living in the country, and we both really wanted to be able to spend more time with each other and our kids, and I think a lot of that is connected to decorating the house,” she said.

So she started by designing a floor plan.

After she’d painted the entire space with red, black, and white, Mandy created a list of colors and patterns.

Each of those patterns, she said, she made from scratch, which included a simple yellow pattern.

From there, she was able to create the wall patterns with blue and white.

And finally, she created a ceiling pattern that uses yellow, red, and black as its base colors.

At the end of the day, she says she wanted the house to be a place that felt like home.

“This is my way of living and creating a place where I feel like I’m home and where I’m in a safe and secure environment, and it’s also where I can be myself, and that’s the kind of home that I want for myself,” Mandy said.

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