How to Make a DIY Cardboard House with LEGO Ideas

A DIY cardboard house could be made in a couple of minutes by using LEGO bricks, but the process is a bit tricky.

You’ll need a LEGO set of your own, some cardboard and some glue.

The process takes about 10 minutes and requires you to build it from scratch.

The instructions for the DIY cardboard home can be found on the LEGO Ideas website, but we’ve included the most important instructions below.

The following video will show you how to make the DIY brick house from scratch with a few LEGO bricks and glue.

If you want to make your own DIY cardboard building, check out our guide to making a LEGO house from cardboard.

If this DIY cardboard DIY cardboard is a little tricky to build, you can also make your cardboard house out of plastic sheets.


Cut out a cardboard box 1.

Start by cutting out a piece of cardboard to make a box.

Cut a piece out of cardboard about the size of a quarter.

The cardboard is going to be the only part of your building that will be visible to the outside world.


Place cardboard inside the cardboard box.

Make sure to place the cardboard on a flat surface.


The inside of the cardboard cardboard box should be about the same height as the front of the box.


Make a little hole in the back of the card to hold the cardboard inside.


The bottom of the front portion of the building should be at the bottom of your cardboard box and the back should be flat.


Place the cardboard at the top of your box and use the cardboard to guide the glue onto the glue.


Using a ruler or a nail, trace a line on the cardboard that goes from the bottom to the top and back.


Put glue inside the box and secure the glue to the cardboard.


Secure the box by using a zip tie to secure the box together.


Take the cardboard out and glue the cardboard back together again.

You should have a nice, sturdy, and sturdy looking cardboard box!

10 minutes later, you should have something that looks like this: Now that you’ve finished the DIY wooden wooden box, you’re ready to build your DIY cardboard brick house.

The wooden box can be made from 1/4″ thick cardboard, or any thickness you like.

You can also use a wooden box as a base to build a wooden floor.

The basic rule of thumb is to make sure that your cardboard is at least as tall as the wood that you want the brick house to stand on.

When you’re building a wooden wooden floor, make sure to cut down the corners of the wood so that it can be easily lifted off the brick.

You don’t want the wood to be too thin or too thick.

The bricks can be stacked or placed in the bottom or top of the wooden floor so that they are evenly spaced.

If it is too small, you’ll have to build more bricks to fit the space.

Make it fun!

Try this DIY wooden house for yourself!


Build your DIY wooden brick house 3.1.

Find the right wood You need to choose a quality wood that is not too thin.

You want to build the bricks in a way that doesn’t bend over when the bricks are stacked, so you want a thick wood.

You also want to avoid wood that will bend over as it rotates.

It’s important to get a good balance between the wood’s structural properties and the strength of the brick’s construction.

For more detailed information on wood, check our article on how to choose the right size for a building material.


Find a good spot for the bricks to sit The best place to place your bricks is the middle of the board.

3-3.1 Building the Brickhouse 3.2.

Lay out the brickboard You want your brickhouse to be as flat as possible.

Make the bricks as tall and as straight as possible from the top down.

3 1.

Find your corner pieces Lay out a sheet of cardboard on the floor, making sure the corners are at the same level.

You’re going to use these corners to place each brick on the wall.

2-3 2.

Start laying bricks 2.1 Place each brick in the middle 3.

Lay the bricks out on a sheet 3.

Place bricks on a grid board, starting from the corner.

4-5 4.1 Add bricks to the grid board 4.2 Add bricks on top of each other.

5-6 5.1 Repeat for all the bricks 5.2 Repeat for the top 3 bricks 6-7 6.1 Make sure that the bricks don’t fall off the grid 6.2 Cut out the bricks 6.3 Lay the bottom brick on top 7-8 7.1 Cut out two strips of wood and glue them together 7.2 Mark out a strip of wood with a pen 7.3 Glue the wood strip to the brick strip 7.4 Glue a wooden dowel to the end of the strip 7

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