How to dress for a party and look the part: Vintage house decor

We all love the vintage house decorations, but the process of dressing them up and decorating them to look good has a lot to do with what the decorators themselves were wearing.

These days, the process for dressing up vintage decor is a bit more labor intensive, so we asked two friends to help us out.

This is how we dressed up a vintage-themed party for a big day.

We got the whole party dressed up, including the music, food, and everything else.

We went all out for the party with vintage-inspired decorations, including a classic Victorian dress.

Here are some of the pieces we made: Our vintage decorator, Emily, helped us create a classic-themed wedding.

The vintage decor artist from the party, Kristina, was also the one who came up with the perfect dress for the occasion.

Our wedding planner, Sarah, and our designer, Amanda, came up the idea of creating a party dress for our wedding.

They ended up with a very elegant vintage-y party dress that is perfect for a fancy reception.

Kristina also made a dress that was really flattering for our reception.

You can see more of our vintage decor from the bride and groom’s wedding at the end of this post.

The bride and grooms wedding party, from left, the groom, and their bridesmaids.

We also made the party dress, the white wedding dress, and the elegant vintage dress.

The white wedding dresses are available for purchase online.

Sarah made the white dress, which is the dress of choice for the groom’s reception.

The bride and their wedding photographer are the only ones to have access to this wedding dress.

Sarah made this dress for their reception at the St. Louis Marriott, and she says it was a big hit.

It is a classic white wedding gown that is the perfect fit for the ceremony.

After making the white bride dress, Sarah made the beautiful vintage-style white wedding party dress.

She was able to create this white wedding outfit, and we can’t wait to wear it out to our reception!

Sarah also made another vintage-styled party dress in this gorgeous vintage style.

She says it’s a great way to bring vintage decor to a fancy wedding.

The dress is made of soft, comfortable fabric that will look great at a wedding and is sure to turn heads.

In addition to these vintage decor pieces, Sarah also made our signature white dress for each of our weddings.

Sarah has done wedding photography for several years and loves making her own dresses, so she was able and confident to make this white dress.

Sarah has a new book coming out in June called “Love, Pleasure, and a Life of Vintage: A Life of Design.”

It’s a memoir of sorts, and Sarah has shared some of her wedding photography from her time in photography.

You might even want to check out the book to learn more about her work and her process.

We highly recommend checking it out!

The wedding photographer for our brides and groomes wedding, Amanda and Kristina.

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