How to design your home for Halloween decoration

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland and wondered what the decorations are like on your Disneyland hotel room, then you probably have a bit of a scare about what might be lurking in the room, says Lisa R. Wahlgren, a home decorator in Los Angeles, California.

Wauchula is one of those haunted houses, which means that guests must keep a safe distance from the house.

“If you can’t, it might be really scary,” she says.

“You’d better be careful and be very cautious with what you see and feel.” 

There are two main types of houses and they vary a lot depending on where they are located.

The first type is the Haunted House.

This house is haunted by ghosts, and people can see ghosts in it, but the house itself is still the same. 

The Haunted House is usually located in a large hall with lots of lights.

It’s usually a place where you can stay during Halloween.

The most popular type is a house for adults, but there are also house plants that are a little different. 

This is a large house with lots and lots of windows, so the decorations will be different than what you’d find in a Haunted House or Haunted Treehouse. 

Some people would consider a house to be haunted, but you’d better look at what you’re looking at and not get carried away, says Wahlberg.

“When you look at a house, it’s usually in a certain time period, usually Halloween, and you can expect the same thing,” she adds. 

Another trick to keep your guests safe is to make sure that the house is properly lit.

“Most houses have curtains, so you have to look at the curtains and you have the light on and you’re just looking at the house and it’s very scary,” says Wausgren. 

And then, there are other houses, like Haunted Houses, that you don’t want to see at all.

You can’t walk in the house unless you’ve got a key to enter the house, and it will look like it’s haunted.

“Some people will not be afraid to go in a house with no curtains,” she explains. 

If you’re planning on visiting a house during Halloween, it can be very scary to go alone, Wausgens advice is to stay at home and watch out for your guests.

“It’s best to have someone who can take care of your children, so they’re safe, but also have someone that can help you navigate the house,” she notes.

“Have someone to hold your hand or someone to carry your groceries or whatever.”

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