How to decide what is the best Diwali decor in the city

When Diwals are celebrated with colourful and elaborate celebrations, people often think of their homes, says Anirudh Bhatt, a professor at the Delhi University College of Architecture.

“People often think about their houses because they have been decorated.

But if they were not decorated, what would they have done with it?”

The city is a hub of cultural and artistic events, says Bhatt.

“It’s an area that has been neglected for a long time, and it’s also an area with a lot of cultural heritage,” he adds.

He is part of a team that studies how cities celebrate Diwal events, looking at how different aspects of decor reflect on different aspects and, importantly, how they interact with one another.

Bhatt has been working on his dissertation for about three years and has been conducting research on how houses are decorated.

The study, entitled ‘Flowers, Pomegranates, and Huts in the City’, was published in the journal The Indian Journal of Urban and Regional Planning in May 2017.

The paper focused on the importance of a home’s decor, particularly the exterior.

“The exterior has a lot to do with the overall look of a house,” says Bhat.

“What kind of ornamentation does it use?

What kind of decoration does it contain?

What colour does it have?”

He explains that the decoration used for a house must reflect the personality of the owner and its owner’s culture, and that this can be important for the decoration’s longevity.

In this sense, the research has revealed that the colours used in the decoration of houses are linked to the owner’s personality, as well as the owner.

The researchers looked at more than 200 house types in Delhi, from the most basic home decoration to elaborate ones.

The colours used to decorate homes were compared to the colors used for different kinds of architectural buildings, from modernist to classical.

A house with the most complex decoration could have a different look from a simple house, says co-author Ravi Shankar, professor of urban design at the Indian Institute of Planning.

This was also a key finding in the study.

“This study showed that the most important colour to the interior decoration of a modern house is red,” he says.

The researchers also looked at the effect the colours have on the structure of a building, such a the outside. “

These colours can create a different mood for the house.”

The researchers also looked at the effect the colours have on the structure of a building, such a the outside.

The research team also found that different colours have a direct impact on how the house was designed and the size of the house.

A building with a large amount of red paint on the outside would be more visually appealing, and this would also make it more expensive.

The same is true if a house with a small amount of white paint was used.

The colour could also be important to the design of a staircase, as the staircase is made of white materials and is easier to paint, he says, pointing out that the stairs are also made of brick, which is lighter.

Another important finding in this study was the influence that the house had on its surroundings.

“You need to think about the space, the atmosphere and the character of the neighbourhood you are living in,” says Shankar.

The authors say this study has important implications for cities around the world, and will help them develop their urban design strategies.

“We need to make more use of the diversity of our houses to make them beautiful,” says Professor Shankar adding that the study shows that the decor of a community is a key element in the overall quality of a neighbourhood.

“When you have a community, you need to keep an eye on its overall design.

You need to design for different times of the year, and for different cultures,” he added.

The author is an associate professor in the department of urban planning at the University of Delhi.

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