How to choose the perfect Hanukkawah decor

The traditional Hanukawah decorations are now being re-interpreted by the makers of traditional decorative art.

Key points:The Hanukah house decor is a key part of a family’s celebrationsThis trend has been revived by new creative craftsThe traditional Hanut house decoration is now being made with the help of an Australian craft firm.

The art is called antlerhouse decor and was originally produced in ancient Egypt and has a long tradition in Australian Indigenous culture.

It’s been revived through the creation of a new range of handcrafted antler houses with the new artisans working on a large scale.

It is being reinterpreted as a new and more sophisticated style of decoration, and a range of artisans are working on the project, including Sydney-based artisans Yvonne & Co.

The artist said she wanted to bring the traditional Hanus to the modern age.

“We thought that we should be able to recreate that,” she said.

“It’s a very ancient tradition that we wanted to make something new.”

The antler was very important, it’s very important to us and it’s been a tradition for us for over a thousand years.

“Ms Hanuker said the idea for the antlerhouses came about when her grandmother passed away in 2003.”

I remember it vividly, it was one of the first things that I ever saw when I was little, it looked like a very elaborate antler,” she explained.”

My grandmother had a lovely house with a great collection of antlers, so I thought that’s where I would start.

“The process of making the antlers was an emotional one for Ms Hanukerk.”

To have a house decorated with these beautiful pieces of antler jewelry and the antlered furniture and then to be able go and sit down and do it yourself and just sit and look at the beautiful pieces,” she joked.”

You really get to see the house and the people and everything and the family in it.

“Ms Hammer said the project is part of the family’s traditions.”

Hanukkahs are very important and they are a big part of our family’s tradition, so it was really important for us to try and re-create them,” she told ABC News.”

There are a lot of things that we can’t recreate so we wanted it to be something that we could do.

“The antlers are handcrafted and made of natural wood, but they also come in various forms, including ceramic and stainless steel.”

All of the pieces of the antlegs are hand-made and the pieces are very carefully selected,” Ms Hammer explained.

Ms Hanuzkah will be available for purchase for $1,299 (Australian currency).

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