How to Buy a House for $8,500 per Month, and Then Rent It Out For $2,000 per Month—and Save $3,000!

We are a bunch of college kids.

Our parents are working, and we are in college, and our parents are not.

And we are living in the middle of nowhere.

We have no friends, no family, and nobody to speak of, apart from my parents and my best friend.

We are, by all accounts, the most boring, boring, bored, and lonely people you’ve ever met.

But the thing is, we are not alone.

According to research published by The Atlantic, we live in the “happiest, most beautiful, most boring generation in history.”

Our parents and grandparents are in their golden years, their kids are busy, and they have a steady paycheck to help with their college educations.

We live in a society that is obsessed with finding the perfect match for every single human being, and that seems to be driving us crazy.

Our current obsession with finding that perfect match is driving us mad.

Our lives are boring and dull, we’re bored, we don’t feel connected, we just want to be left alone.

We want to move out of this place, and to go somewhere else, and for a while, we were okay with that.

Our minds were made up, our hearts were made strong, our bodies were made lean, and when we left our homes, we went on vacation.

But over the last couple of years, our happiness has been in decline.

Our jobs are gone, our friendships are fading, our relationships with family are going south, and life has become even more boring and miserable.

We don’t have much to do, our kids are just boring, and even though we love our kids, our job is just not as rewarding as we used to think it would be.

So, we decided to quit our jobs, and live off the grid.

We decided to live on the road for the rest of our lives.

We started living in our cars, we got our own RV, and after about a year, we began to enjoy our time off the road, and in the process, we made some amazing progress.

But there were a few things that kept us from enjoying the vacation lifestyle that we had hoped for.

One of the biggest was that we didn’t have enough money.

We had just enough money to pay for our kids’ college educements, but not enough to buy a house.

We also had a lot of debt, and this made our life even more difficult.

As our income grew, so did our debt.

The longer we lived on the roads, the more money we had, and the more we had to pay back our debts.

We paid off the mortgage and credit card balances every month, and as soon as we paid off our credit cards, we realized that we were on the verge of default.

Our credit cards were being charged interest that was way too high, and it was becoming more and more difficult to pay our bills.

So we took matters into our own hands, and bought a car and bought an RV.

We were living on the side, we could afford to live in our RV, we had our own internet, and there were all kinds of amenities.

The biggest expense was rent.

Rent in the United States is $2.50 per square foot per month, or $0.25 per square feet per month per person, and at this rate, we would only be able to afford a house for around $8K per month.

This was our “free money.”

And then there was the fact that our cars were going to break down sooner or later, and no one was going to pick us up.

Our car broke down last year, and so we went to a mechanic who fixed it.

The next month, our car broke again, and my rent payments were piling up.

After a few months, we found ourselves in the position of having no money left over.

We needed to find a way to pay off our debts, and what better way than to live off our cars?

The solution?

We decided that it would make more sense to rent out our RV to other people.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to deal with these financial problems, and instead, we’d be able get by with just the money we were saving.

We rented out our house to some friends and family members, and then we moved to a smaller town in the country, and started working from home.

Since then, we’ve been working full-time, paying off our debt, living in a smaller home, and getting ready to start a new chapter in our lives and a new relationship.

But, one thing was not working out, and one thing kept getting in the way of our success.

We just don’t want to leave our house.

I was the first person in our family who had lived in a trailer for almost a year before we bought our house in May of 2016.

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