How to build a custom furniture house in less than a day

My house is in a very small apartment with only two beds.

I have never built a custom kitchen before, but my husband did and he is quite good at it.

He is an architect and I am a woodworker, so he told me how he would build a new kitchen and we went over all the components.

I was not the most experienced with woodworking, so we were very confident that we would be able to make something of this size in less time than it took me to make the last two sets of kitchen cabinets.

I also bought some spare parts from a hardware store to build the furniture.

It took a while to get the wood right, but after that it was quite simple.

I had to make a couple of cuts in the walls of the living room to create a hole that would allow the wood to enter.

There was no glue, so I used the kitchen countertop to make holes.

I did this on the side of the wall where I would normally use the countertop.

I cut some screws in the sides and welded them to the bottom of the countertops to keep the wood in place.

The rest of the cabinet was a bit of a challenge.

I needed to drill holes for all of the counters and the door to the dining room, so that the door could be closed when the room is dark and the curtains closed when it is bright.

The only way I could do this was to glue the counter tops together with epoxy, so it would not break.

This would have required lots of sanding and I had no idea how much glue I needed.

I decided to cut the walls in half to make an open space.

I used a pair of scissors to carefully cut the wall pieces to size.

I then took two of the pieces and attached them to each other with glue.

I painted the wood white, so you can see how it looks.

I attached a wooden piece to each wall with epoxied screws, and made sure that I did not make any cuts into the wood.

I placed the wooden door on the end of the shelf so that it would look like a door.

I drilled a small hole for the hinges so that they could fit into the door.

Once I was satisfied that everything was done, I made sure to glue all of my parts together.

I took a picture of the finished result and I put it in the fridge.

I am now happy with my project.

I really enjoyed it and now I have a new hobby.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to build something of their own.

Read more about how to build your own custom kitchen or home furnishings.

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