House decorating game – house decorating in pictures

The latest home decorating gaming craze to take off is a game based on the decorating houses inside Indian temples.

The game is called ‘Dalit-Dalikar’.

It is played by two teams, one from each caste, and each player must decorate a house in order to claim a trophy and win a game against the opposing team.

It is not a particularly popular game but its popularity is growing fast.

The game has been played in various venues across the country.

Here are some of the highlights of what players have done to decorate their homes:The players are told to use a wooden planter to decoratively decorate the house and also use sandbags, paint brushes and a metal tray to decorates the outside.

They must also use an iron tool to decorat the walls.

Players will also have to decor the house with wood furniture and a couple of metal pieces.

The players also have a choice of using a gold jewellery and silver jewelry.

Dalits are not allowed to take photographs inside the house.

The only photograph taken inside the home will be one taken by an outsider.

The two teams are required to take a picture of their opponent’s house before and after they win the game.

After winning, the two teams can decorate another house.

In the game, players have to use the gold jewelled jewelry, silver jewellery, gold metal and jewellery.

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