Chelsea House decor in London’s Kensington Palace opens to the public for the first time

Chelseas house decor in Kensington palace opened to the world on Wednesday with the unveiling of the house’s exterior.

Chels house is located at a corner of the Palace grounds.

The design is inspired by the famous Royal Palace in London and its location at the junction of a road and a street.

“The Royal Palace is a landmark of the British capital,” the Chels family said in a statement.

“We hope this house will help the British public appreciate its beauty and historic significance and the great legacy it holds.”

The Chels’ house is the first to open to the general public in the UK.

Its opening comes on the heels of a similar opening in the Netherlands, which opened to locals on July 25, 2016.

The Chelses home has been built in collaboration with Dutch architecture firm Egon, who also designed the London Palace’s main residence, Buckingham Palace.

The new house is part of a project that aims to bring architecture and design together in the city’s modernist, neo-Gothic style.

The project includes a collection of historic buildings, including the St James’s Palace, Buckingham Fountain, St Paul’s Cathedral and a Victorian mansion.

Chelscas new home will be built in partnership with Egon Architecture, the family said.

The main building in the design is a collection, including some of the Royal Palace, of historic and contemporary buildings in London, the Chels said.

It will be part of the London Design Centre, an architectural and design academy that will provide students with a foundation for further studies in the future.

The family also said that the new home is a tribute to the Chelis, who are both Welsh and Irish.

Chelvas house was originally intended to be a reception space, but the architects wanted to include a “new and exciting space” for people to meet.

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