A naturalist’s dream home in Australia

Posted March 13, 2018 09:59:53It’s not quite as glamorous as the glamorous house decorations we see in our cities, but it does look pretty!

A group of naturalists from the University of New South Wales have taken a look at the Sydney Harbour Coast and found something special!

The project, which is part of the Sydney Natural History Museum’s Coastal House Collection, took five years to complete and was completed in 2014.

The work is being exhibited at the Australian National Exhibition in Canberra, and you can find more information on the project here.

The work started out with a look around the harbour, but the group’s interest in natural history was soon sparked when they stumbled upon a house that looked like it was made of wood and glass.

“The idea of having something that was so different to the norm of the day came from our natural history and architectural history backgrounds,” curator of natural history Ian Smith said.

“It was very early on that we realised we could really capture the atmosphere and the natural surroundings of this house and use it as a natural backdrop.”

The team was able to use the house’s surroundings as a backdrop for their research.

“One of the things we were really keen on was the water, so the idea was that we would make sure the house was surrounded by water and that it was not completely submerged in water,” Smith said of their research, which was funded by the Natural Heritage Foundation.

The researchers have been able to capture many different kinds of images of the house, including a number of shots of the original house and some of the work it had been used for.

“We’ve captured the house from a distance and used a number for a natural history exhibition, and a couple of shots that have been taken from a height, which were taken from the side,” Smith explained.

“In addition to that we’ve also taken many shots of other things that the house has been used as a habitat for birds and other wildlife.”

This is an example of a natural house from the 1850s and an example that we could have done if we had had time.

“Smith said the team was also keen to capture images of natural habitats as well as the surrounding areas.”

The Sydney Natural Museum is located at 4 West Broadway, Sydney, and the Coastal House Collections are located at the National Gallery of Victoria.”

So for instance, there are beaches that are just off to the side of the harbour that were built in the 1860s and are still open to the public.”

The Sydney Natural Museum is located at 4 West Broadway, Sydney, and the Coastal House Collections are located at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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