A guide to the best vintage homes in Toronto

The best vintage home design in Toronto has been ranked according to its style, function, charm and personality.

It’s time for you to head to a favourite haunt for inspiration.1.

The Spaghetti Warehouse by David Purdy: Built in 1921, this iconic structure in Toronto’s Bloor-Danforth neighbourhood is now part of the Toronto Botanic Gardens, but the original spigot remains.

The basement is a stunning, original, one-of-a-kind structure that has been restored to its original condition, and boasts a stunning interior.

Located at 595 Dundas St.

W., it’s worth a visit for a chance to see the original design in its entirety.2.

The Blue House by David Sartore: This stunningly renovated building at 1545 Eglinton Ave.

W. was built in 1904 and now houses the B.C. Botanical Gardens.

It boasts a striking, modern interior and was built as a temporary shelter for the Bewley Society, which was founded in the late 1800s.

It was also the site of a fire in the 1970s that burned down the building, and the fire caused the foundation to collapse.

The building was rebuilt with an extensive refurbishment, and has since been restored and renovated several times.3.

The Red House by Thomas LeFevre: Built to house the Baudelaire Museum, this beautifully restored house at 765 Bloor St. W., is currently home to the Ontario Archives.

The interior of the house features beautiful wood paneling and a stone fireplace.4.

The Roxy Theatre by Charles Boudreaux: Located at 947 Eglitch Ave.

S., this historic building at 522 Eglitches Ave.

is one of Toronto’s most well-known landmark locations.

It features a unique interiors that are both modern and classic, and is considered one of the best examples of retro design in the city.

It has been the home of theatre and opera since the mid-19th century.5.

The Pintrest Gallery by William J. Lecavalier: The Pinsharp Gallery was one of Canada’s first art galleries, and was founded by William Pintland.

It is now a museum of Canadian and international art.

The first exhibits were designed by William Langley, and they have since grown into one of Ontario’s top galleries.6.

The Golden Palace by Edward F. Whelan: This historic building, at 1051 Egliston Ave., is home to The Royal Canadian Regiment.

Built in 1911 and in use until 1953, it has been renovated many times.7.

The Bibliothèque de l’Ancre by Jean-Pierre Bouchard: Built as an archive and museum for the archives of the Royal Canadian Legion, this museum features an impressive collection of rare books, manuscripts, photographs and more.8.

The Queen’s Theatre by Stephen Harper: Located in downtown Toronto, the Queen’s theatre is the largest and oldest theatre in Canada, and also houses a huge collection of historical artifacts.

Located on the second floor, the theatre offers seating for over 200 people and is the oldest in Canada.9.

The Bloor Theatre by Peter Hogg: Located on Bloor Street West, the Bloor Arts Centre was the home to many of Toronto City’s most notable artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It currently hosts the annual Ontario Music Festival, which features some of the city’s best acts.10.

The Old Mill by George Peele: Located right outside of Toronto, this historic home has been home to some of Toronto and Canadian history’s most significant landmarks.

The house was originally built in 1903 as the home for the Blundell Family, which also included the late Joseph and Mary Blundells.

It had been vacant for over 40 years when it was finally purchased by the city in 2006.11.

The Royal Toronto Museum by Anne McCaffery: The Royal Ontario Museum is a museum that is a haven for the world’s knowledge of the arts.

It includes the world-renowned collection of Canada and world history artifacts and the most significant collections of the country’s history, including the Royal Family, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and many other historic and contemporary works.12.

The Balmoral by Mary Dickson: Located directly across from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, this beautiful mansion was the residence of the British Ambassador to Canada from 1755 to 1757.

It also housed the Royal Society of Canada until 1917.13.

The St. Andrew House by Mary Jane Steeves: A Victorian-era residence, this house was once home to one of Europe’s richest families.

The estate was purchased by James R. Blundall, a philanthropist, philanthropist and philanthropist himself.

Blunall died in 1875, but his widow, Mary Jane, lived to pass away in 1889

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