A Barbie House decoration is a hit at a Barbie party

A Barley and Co. barbie decoration has been spotted at a Toronto house party that is part of a campaign to raise awareness about mental health.

A photo of the decor, featuring a Barbie house with an orange box, was posted to Instagram on Thursday.

The photo caption says it has been featured in “a number of bars and restaurants” in the city.

“The party was going well and we were looking forward to getting the decorations in the house and hanging them up in our home,” the caption reads.

“The decor was a hit with the house party and we decided to put it up at the party to get the attention of people.”

“It was pretty cool,” the woman who shared the photo told CBC Toronto on Friday.

“It was just an awesome night and it’s pretty cool that it was a little bit more of a social media-type thing.”

“I think it’s great, I think it would make a good party backdrop,” the person said.

Barbie House decor: a hit for a Barley & Co. party that has been photographed on InstagramThe original photo was posted on Thursday by a person who called himself @barbie_house.

In a series of photos, he posted them on Instagram.

The photos were tagged with a hashtag: #barbie.

The party started at a house party in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood and was attended by more than 50 people.

The man who posted the photos on Twitter said he was in a bar with friends.

“It’s a fun place to hang out and it is definitely a social gathering,” the man said.

“But it was really cool to see all the people that were really enjoying themselves.”

“They’re not really out there and that’s what we’re looking forward for.

It’s just a place to party,” he said.

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